Our view of today’s and tomorrow’s world

The world has become increasingly complex and dangerous. We focus on security technology companies because they are critical to maintaining our freedom and ensuring democracy prevails. We believe that investing early in these companies will produce strong returns in any market environment.

We partner with security technology companies

We invest in companies that address the major opportunities and challenges that commercial and government enterprise customers face. We invest in companies at the forefront of modern security for the enterprise and for society. We seek companies that are on the leading edge of innovation, leveraging data as a competitive advantage, and bending the cost curve of critical technologies.

We partner with teams on a mission

We back founding teams who share our values. These teams are adaptable, brilliant, execution focused, and have the character to persevere through the seemingly insurmountable to realize their vision. We have a great deal of experience and conviction investing in founders who are military or intelligence community veterans.

We partner early

We invest in companies who have a working product today or will soon. The technology is unique, protectable, and founding teams often have experienced the pain point they are solving first-hand.

Our initial check sizes range from
$500,000 to $2,000,000.

We lead seed stage
funding rounds.

We believe in good

We actively support
our companies.