First in. It’s our mindset. It’s your mindset.

What We Do

We work with founders who have strong views of where the world will be. Founders who are comfortable working with imperfect information to build their companies in emerging sectors.

We connect dots and build the picture of where the world is headed with you.

Our Portfolio

First In invests in founders and builders who are creating and growing enterprise technology companies. We back people who are on a mission to have an impact.

We invest primarily in data and security companies, from inception to seed stage.

Our Team

We are a community of founders, creators, and builders. We have started and built companies. We are investors willing to take risk. We are military veterans, software developers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs who have worked across sectors.

We believe in those who are on a mission.


We share our views on investing, entrepreneurship, and technology trends on a regular basis.