Our View of Today’s and Tomorrow’s World

Companies and organizations that make the best use of the right data, at the right time, will generate greater profit, increase operational efficiency, and remain secure in doing so. Those that do not, will fall very far behind.

The best companies over the next several decades will be able to answer the following two questions: How do we maximize the value of our data? How do we keep our data secure?

Many companies and organizations today are saddled with legacy infrastructure, legacy thinking and legacy skill sets. Data collection, data analysis, data set prioritization, data management, and data security are all integral parts of the same whole. Together they form the foundation of the evolving economy.

We Partner with Enterprise Tech Companies

We invest in companies that address the major opportunities and challenges that commercial and government enterprise customers face due to massive growth in sheer amounts of data for the enterprise to collect, process, analyze, and make useful. We invest in companies at the forefront of modern security for the enterprise and for society.

We seek companies that have demonstrated know-how, are making use of large amounts of data as a competitive advantage and are applying technical practitioners to specific use cases to address real opportunities and solve real problems.

We Partner with Those on A Mission

We back entrepreneurs on a mission who have a credible team, are action-oriented, and have strong commercial track records or strong commercial instincts.

We have a great deal of experience and conviction in investing in founders who are military and/or intelligence community veterans.

We Partner with You Early

We invest in companies who have a working product today or will soon. The technology is unique, protectable, and founding teams often have experienced the pain point they are solving, first-hand.

First in Invests Early

Our initial check size can range from $500,000 to $2,000,000. We lead seed stage funding rounds. We believe in good governance. Typically we take board seats.